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What happens after I make a purchase?

Once you have completed your online purchase you will instantly receive a download link. Click the link and save the file to your computer.  

Not everything is showing up.  How can I fix this?

Most people don't have problems with printing PDF files but if you do, it may be the result of not having  the latest version of Adobe Reader installed. If you you need to update your Adobe Reader, you can click here for the free download.  

How long is my Studio License good for?

Your Studio License never expires. Futhermore you'll automatically receive updated files when the material is revised. 

Am I allowed to send a file to a student on a ipad?

You may if you have purchased a product with a studio license.  Students can complete assignments with a stylus and email them to you or print off pages as they use them.  However, just like a printed copy, the digital file can only be used by your student and cannot be shared with anyone else.   

What should I do if I see an error?

Although every effort has been made to thoroughly proofread these materials, things do get missed.  If you can let it me know when you find a mistake, I will fix it as soon as possible. 

If I purchase a Single User product and later decide I want the Studio License version, can I upgrade?

Yes. You must purchase the Studio License version and email me to let me know you wish to upgrade.  I will refund you the cost of the Single User version.

Is tax added to the purchase price?

No taxes are charged at this time.